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is the „independent source“ for economic changes, reforms and possibilities in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar.

We report about the latest prime business news from various fields, as well as the economic environment. We publish the informations, news and reports of the leading news sources. About all what appears of special interest for „European Investors and Business Leaders.“

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* Economy WesternWorld & Vietnam Asean

Identify the newest market opportunities with operational management to realine business plans. Our country ranking 2015-2020  http://www.produktionsservice-vietnam.com/country-ranking.html shows the advantages and disadvantages, outstanding growth rates and future investment opportunities in ASIA and ASEAN.

The most important four of the 16 Free Trade Agreement which Vietnam has:

* EVFTA (EU-Vietnam FTA)
* AEC (ASEAN Economic Community)
* RCEP (Regional Economic Partnership)

* TPP (the 11 remaining countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreed on May    21st 2017 to move ahead with the trade deal without the United States after President Donald Trump pulled out in favour of an “America First” policy. Only TPP members in Asean are Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia, another big economic location advantage).

Lowest production costs already well-functioning infrastructure and worldwide trade agreements ensure Vietnamese exports open the world’s largest markets. Vietnam is the place to be.


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