The Netherlands is Viet Nam’s leading importer in EU

The Netherlands is Viet Nam’s leading importer in EU


The Netherlands has emerged as Viet Nam’s largest importer in the European Union (EU), with an annual export growth rate of 18-25 per cent in recent years.

Last year, Viet Nam exported US$7.1 billion worth of goods to the country, far surpassing the $2.9 billion in 2013, according to the Vietnamese Trade Office in the Netherlands.

Among the items recording positive export earnings in 2017 are electronics and components, telephone, footwear, textile and garments, seafood, cashew nuts, rubber, machinery and spare parts, plastic products and fruits and vegetables.

The Netherlands is also the largest importer of Vietnamese cashew nuts and seafood in the bloc, with respective turnovers of more than 300 million euros ($370 million) and 542 million euros ($670 million).

In 2017, Viet Nam spent $665.4 million on importing goods from the market, including milk and dairy products, chemicals, machinery and equipment, means of transport and textile.

According to the Trade Office, there is scope for Vietnamese enterprises to accelerate their exports to the lucrative market in the Netherlands, which is regarded as an effective gateway for firms to deeply penetrate the huge EU market.


Compiled by Dipl.-Ing. Alex Narr, Executive Consultant & Scout of  –  A GERMAN CONSULTANT who supports Western companies at ​​business entry & development in Vietnam and Cambodia since 2005 by self implementing on site. Located direct in the industrial belt of ​​Ho Chi Minh City, with project offices in Cambodia.


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